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There are many possible causes for a neck mass, but a persistent lump is a red flag for cancer. When your neck mass requires surgical removal, you can depend on the expertise of Avrum Kaufman, DO, at South Coast Ear, Nose and Throat. Dr. Kaufman is a board-certified ENT and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers comprehensive care for your neck mass at two office locations in Ladera Ranch and Irvine, California. If you have a painful neck mass or a pain-free lump that doesn’t go away, call your nearest office or schedule an appointment online.

Neck Mass Q & A

When should I seek treatment for a neck mass?

When you have a neck mass or abnormal lump that lasts more than two weeks, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaufman to have it examined. 

A neck mass may arise from numerous health conditions, including sinus or dental infections and strep throat. In most cases, a benign neck mass disappears when the underlying cause is treated. 

However, a neck mass is often the first sign of head and neck cancers, as well as thyroid gland tumors. You should seek immediate treatment if you have a neck mass that doesn’t go away and is painless. 

What should I know about head and neck cancer?

Head and neck cancer refers to any type of malignant tumor in or around your throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth, including your salivary glands. 

The most common symptom of mouth cancer is a sore that doesn’t heal. You may also develop a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, nasal obstruction, ear pain, and difficulty breathing.

Anyone can develop head and neck cancer from numerous causes, including infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). However, your risk substantially increases if you use tobacco. It’s estimated that 85% of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco use. The second most common factor is frequent and heavy use of alcohol.

What should I know about thyroid gland masses?

Your thyroid gland is in the front of your neck below your voice box, where it produces hormones that regulate virtually every system in your body. 

Thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer also produce a neck mass, and they may become large enough to feel. However, they’re typically too small to be visible. As a thyroid mass grows larger, it may interfere with your ability to swallow and breathe. 

How is a neck mass treated?

The best treatment for your neck mass depends on the underlying cause. Dr. Kaufman will review your medical history and thoroughly examine the lump. 

The size, location, and physical qualities of the mass offer insight into its origin and help guide treatment decisions. You may also need to have diagnostic testing.

Dr. Kaufman recommends surgical removal of a neck mass that’s known or suspected to be malignant. Additionally, he often removes benign masses that affect breathing and swallowing or cause other uncomfortable symptoms.

Neck mass surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Kaufman performs on an outpatient basis. With his expertise in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kaufman safely removes the mass while preserving the nearby structures and your appearance.

If you notice a neck lump that doesn’t go away, call South Coast Ear, Nose and Throat or schedule an appointment online today.